Pixel Pandemic, a Copenhagen based game developer, announced that Zombie Pandemic, a survival horror game, is now available in the Windows Phone Store. 

Zombie Pandemic is a free browser-based MMORPG where the player is a survivor in a zombie infested city during the post- apocalypse. Players are tasked with missions such as scavenging for supplies, building and maintaining a safe house as well as battling raiders and zombies in tactical turn based combat. Players work towards saving their family and building a vessel – either a blimp, raft, or glider – for escaping the city and its zombie hordes.

Characters are customizable with a variety of combat options and perks. The maps include the ability to avoid zombies when possible for players who prefer sneaking over attacking. With hundreds of weapon options against 200 enemy types, the game provides a variety of combat and missions as the player works towards their final escape.

Pixel Pandemic plans to release Zombie Pandemic on iOS and Android in the second quarter of 2014. Additionally, the game is available as a browser game here, on Kongregate here, and on Facebook here.

Accessibility Angle:

A game for the Windows’ mobile ecosystem helps fill out an app store that is relatively low next to the options for iOS and Android. The point and click aspect gameplay of Zombie Pandemic should translate well onto touchscreens.

Regarding video game accessibility, combat is a real-time, turn-based hybrid which provides disabled gamers needed time to consider and carry out their next move. In the browser based edition of the game, the user interface holds a lot of information via menus and icons. As a result the text and icon sizes gradually decrease in order to include all of the necessary details particularly for item and menu descriptions. Only hands on experience will show how well the readability of the user interface translates to the smaller screens of smartphones and the Surface tablets.  

The free to play business model allows disabled gamers to download and experience the game in order to assess if the game meets their disability related needs before committing financially to the game.


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