The Xbox One Titanfall and Forza Motorsport 5 bundles are now available for a limited time at the $449.99 price point, a $50 savings, through the Microsoft Store. The price is seen after placing the selected bundle in the cart.


The Xbox One bundles were announced in early March 2014 and are viewed as a savings because they include a free game. The Xbox One bundles include the game console and a digital copy of either game at the $499.99 release price of the Xbox One. The temporary savings provides a stronger competitor to the Playstation 4’s price point.

Additionally, purchasing the Titanfall bundle includes the warning that the game “Requires an Internet connection and Xbox Live Gold Membership to play.” While the caution is accompanied with an offer of twelve months of Xbox Live Gold for $40, $20 off the $60 price, the console bundle includes a free month of Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the Playstation 4 which certainly factors into many players’ decision into which console to buy. However, only the Titanfall bundle includes a month of Xbox Live Gold. Whereas the Playstation 4 has included since launch vouchers for a $10 credit for the Playstation Store, a 30-days Playstation Plus free membership trial, and a 30-days Music Unlimited free service trial.

Accessibility Angle:

For disabled gamers who are weighing the cost of upgrading their gaming console, the Playstation 4 offers more value for less money. However, the savings offered on the Xbox One bundles are a temporary boon to disabled gamers who prefer the Xbox One.


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