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The Xbox One April 2015 update is live bringing improvements to party chat, game hub links, and achievement notifications as well as introducing the What’s On feature. 

Voice messaging and dedicated servers for party chat remain in preview for further tweaking. Both features are anticipated because voice messaging is cross platform and dedicated servers for party chat will reduce connectivity issues.

Meanwhile, party chat continues its ongoing updates and April brings troubleshooting assistance to assist players with enabling their microphone as well as clarity for when privacy settings or networking issues are blocking communication with party members. Game hub links began in February 2015 as a centralized location for a game’s multimedia content such as updates, game clips, and behind the scenes content. Now game hub links are added to friends’ activity feeds and to the achievement app.

Added to achievement notifications is the achievement’s description which prevents players from leaving a game or snapping the achievement app in order to see an achievement’s details. Additionally, the time that an achievement is displayed was increased and the achievement app loads faster.

The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom now have the What’s On feature that provides multimedia links to trending television shows for Xbox One users who set up the OneGuide for cable television access from the Xbox One.

Accessibility Angle:

The April 2015 Xbox One update addresses achievement details. As a deaf gamer, I would like to see that the player is allowed to arrange where the achievement pop up appears onscreen. The current location, in the bottom center of the screen, often obscures subtitles and information on the in-game HUD while the game continues playing. Achievements remaining on the screen longer will compound this problem.

The Playstation 4 recently received an update that explicitly increased disability accessibility from controller remapping to a text to speech feature. The Xbox One doesn’t have comparable features and any additional disability accessibility is welcome.


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