Transistor, the latest game from Supergiant Games who also developed Bastion, releases on May 20, 2014 for Playstation 4 and PC. Preorders are now available at the $19.99 price point on Steam and the Playstation Store. 

Transistor is the story of Red, a woman who is equipped with a mysterious talking weapon, the Transistor. The game utilizes the specific features of the Playstation 4’s controller by emitting the Transistor’s speech through the controller’s built in speaker and synching the speech with the controller’s light bar. The controller’s speaker and light bar combine to provide a real world experience of the talkative weapon.

The PC edition features full controller support, fully remappable controls, and is DRM free for offline play.

At launch the Transistor original soundtrack will be available either as a bundle with the PC edition or sold separately. The soundtrack retails for $9.99 digitally or $14.99 for a physical disc that includes the digital download.

Accessibility Angle:

In the announcements that pre orders are now available for Transistor, Supergiant Games clearly noted that while the Playstation 4 and PC versions have identical content there are platform specific features. Under PC features, Supergiant Games listed “Full controller support & fully remappable controls.” See the full announcement here.

Supergiant Games informing disabled gamers of the controller options for PC is valued information that is often not available even after a game’s release. Disabled players who require customizable controls can now comfortably pre order Transistor on PC.


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