Destiny releases on September 9, 2014 but the beta will run from July 17 to July 27, 2014. While Destiny is releasing on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 the beta comes to Sony consoles first for a total of eight days while the Microsoft consoles will have four days of beta access. 

Participating in the beta requires a Destinypreorder and a Playstation Plus or Xbox Gold account.

On Sony consoles the beta launches on July 17, 2014 and the beta comes to Microsoft platforms on July 23, 2014. The beta will be offline from July 21-22, 2014 for maintenance and ends for all platforms on July 27, 2014. Players logged into the beta on July 26, 2014 from 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST) will be awarded a special emblem in efforts to swell the game’s population on a single day.

Additionally, Bungie announced three Destiny collector’s editions at tiered price points.

The Limited Edition bundles exclusive emblems and ship variants with a season pass for the two post-launch content expansions along with the physical goodies of a field guide, a star chart, and postcards housed within a SteelBook case for $99.99. The Digital Guardian Edition includes all the in-game items and the expansions price for a lowered price of $89.99. The expansion packs will be available separately for $34.99 for both or $19.99 individually.

The Ghost Edition may cost $149.99 but on top of the Limited Edition treats packages photos, a patch, stickers, and a Ghost replica with motion activated lights and voicework by Peter Dinklage.

Accessibility Angle:

Destiny is bringing the MMO gaming experience to the consoles. Beta access with a preorder is an opportunity for disabled gamers who are interested in Destiny to experience Destiny and its video game accessibility prior to its release. The hands on experience will provide disabled gamers crucial accessibility information for deciding whether or not to remain committed to their preorder as well as the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the game’s disability accessibility prior to the game’s release.


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