The DAGERS Diamond Award was always intended to be given to the game that best represents the DAGERS core belief that an accessible game can be a good game for everyone, and Super Smash Bros is a perfect example of that.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been awarded the Diamond Award. This award represents a consensus among our editorial staff that Super Smash Bros. is the best example of an accessible video game from the 2018 calendar year.

Much of the reason why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is receiving this award is inherent in the games design. It’s large cast of characters ensures that a wide range of disabled players will be able to find a fighter whose playstyle matches their ability. Its art style makes all visual elements highly legible. Due to the nature of its gameplay, Super Smash Bros. is also a very forgiving game with a lot to offer gamers with varying disabilities.

In addition to these inherent characteristics, features such as a wide range of controller options as well as fully remappable control schemes for each controller make this game barrier free to many gamers with impairments that affect their hands.

The wide range of stages ensures that players with visual impairments will always have the option to select a high-contrast arena when playing local multiplayer or single player and the lack of critical sound cues mean that even players who have no ability to hear can get full enjoyment out of this game.

By far the best part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for gamers with physical disabilities is the value offered by the experience. Given the sheer size of the game and the extensive ways that players can customize matches, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will always have a fun experience to offer whether its on the first day of gameplay or the 100th.

It is for these reasons that DAGERSystem has decided to confer upon Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the title of 2018 Diamond Award Winner for highest standards of quality and accessibility for the physically disabled.

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