Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is a free to play Playstation 3 exclusive that releases as a downloadable title in the Americas in spring 2014. The game released in February 2014 in Japan. Newly released screenshots showcase Hilde, “Rebuilder of her Motherland.”


Hilde, the heir to the King of Wolfkrone, returns years after the war in which her father’s insanity required that she lead her people in the battle to destroy the Soul Edge. Other available fighters include Mitsurugi, Siegfried, and Sophitia.

Soulcaliber: Lost Swords is a single player experience with 3D weapons based combat. Customization ranges from the elemental power of weapons to a crafting system for creating as well as upgrading items. Additionally, fighters’ armor and clothing impacts available abilities and statistics with all fighters beginning at level one with only undergarments. Items drop during fights after using Soul Crush or items can be purchase separately through microtransactions. 

See below for additional screenshots.

2014 3 17 Hilde2



2014 3 17 Hilde3



2014 3 17 Hilde4

Accessibility Angle:

The wide array of fighters coupled with customizable weapons and fight styles provides disabled gamers with potentially accessible gameplay that accommodates disability related gameplay needs. Additionally, the free to play business model provides disabled gamers with access to the game to assess individual accessibility without requiring a financial commitment.


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