Sony began the New Year with the announcement that beginning on January 13, 2015 Playstation Now, the digital game rental service on Sony platforms for of Playstation 3 games, will be available as a subscription service on the Playstation 4 for North America. 

The subscription option will be offered on other Playstation Now enabled devices at some point in the future. 


Subscriptions will be available at two price points – one month for $19.99 or three months for $44.99 which is about $15 per month. The subscription service is “All You Can Play” and a free seven day trial will be offered to new subscribers.

At launch, a free Playstation Now theme will be downloadable for all Playstation 4 users. All who download the theme before January 31, 2014 will be entered into a drawing for a one-year Playstation Now subscription.

Accessibility Angle:

Playstation Now was announced originally as an alternative for backwards compatibility and as an option to remove the need for a Playstation console altogether as an app on select smart televisions. At that time, few, if any other digital gaming subscriptions for consoles existed.

EA Access launched on the Xbox One in fall 2014 with a subscription service of $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, albeit with much less than the 100 plus games advertised by Playstation Now.

For disabled gamers with a reliable internet connection the move into digital gaming subscriptions can provide more gaming accessibility by giving disabled gamers firsthand gameplay experience to assess individual disability related needs in deciding whether or not to purchase a game. With the game streaming market becoming competitive, disabled gamers on any current generation console have access to preview select games before purchase.


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