Razer, a software and systems developer, and S2 Games, an independent game developer, are partnering for the development of Strife, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. 

The partnership is borne of Razer’s Indie Development program which typically supports indie gaming with discounted prices on Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptops. For Strife’s development, Razer outfitted S2 Games with Blade laptops, peripheral products, and otherwise provided support for game development on Razer’s Switchblade User Interface and Surround Software. Marc DeForest, Chief Executive Officer for S2 Games, noted, “S2 Games is evolving the MOBA genre, and doing so requires partnering with other leaders in their field.”

S2 Games developed the MOBA heavy hitter, Heroes of Newerth, and Strife will be S2 Games’ second MOBA title. No other gaming company has developed a second-iteration MOBA game. With Strife, S2 Games intends to reinvent the MOBA genre that S2 Games helped create with Heroes of Newerth, most notably by addressing the stereotypically hostile gaming communities associated with the MOBA genre. Additionally, Razer will further support Strife by providing exclusive beta access via Razer’s social media pages.

Razer’s dedicated indie game support through their Indie Development program underscores a gaming landscape with a variety of platforms garnering exclusive games, or at least exclusive access for a mode or timed exclusivity, with programs aimed at indie game developers. In the upcoming new console generation showdown, Microsoft and Sony are continually advertising their friendly indie game policies. Regarding Razer’s commitment to bolstering indie game developers, Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director, declared, “We support all things gaming at Razer, and independent developers play a huge role in creating the landscape that fans around the world enjoy.”

Accessibility Angle:

Both PC gaming and the MOBA genre are traditionally associated with overall gaming accessibility largely due to customization options. PC gaming often allows players to customize their keyboard and mouse controller such as with hotkeys. MOBA games feature a wide variety of heroes with unique combat abilities allowing disabled gamers the opportunity for playing with their preferred combat type that addresses their disability related needs. The partnership between Razer and S2 Games potentially will create a game accessible for disabled gamers who enjoy the MOBA genre or who are seeking a game with a particular wide variety of combat options that is controlled with the players preferred button locations.

Are you a PC gamer? What is your preferred PC company?

Are you a MOBA player? What is your preferred combat style? 

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