DAGERS may go to the Super Bowl, but first we need your help!


Dear readers,


DAGERS recently entered a contest whose grand prize is a 30-second TV ad during Super Bowl XLVIII. We have made it to Round 2 of this three round competition, and we need your help to get further. Intuit, the competition sponsor, wants to know why people love DAGERS and what makes DAGERS special. Instead of telling them in my words, I figured I would ask my readers. Why do you love this site? What makes it different for you? Tell us in 400 characters or less, and give us a good quote that we can use in our entry. Who knows? The next Super Bowl ad you see may just be DAGERS.


If you are interested in helping us, either leave your quotes in the comments or email me at dagersystem@gmail.com.


Thank you,

Joshua Straub

Editor in Chief, DAGERS


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