DAGERS is one step closer to securing an ad on Super Bowl Sunday. Our Intuit Small Business Big Game entry is complete, thanks to the help of DAGERS readers who provided testimonials and especially thanks to the help of my good friend, Robert Clotworthy. 

Robert starred as the voice of the drill sergeant in the DAGERS video. For those of you thinking you might recognize his voice, he is most well-known for playing the part of Terran revolutionary Jim Raynor in the PC mega series StarCraft. I have known Robert for a few years, and I am continually amazed by how generous he is. Without his help, this entry would not be nearly as strong as it is.




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The video was made using CrazyTalk 7 avatar software. For our hearing impaired readers, the script has been included below.





Now listen up, maggots! My name is Josh Straub, Editor-in-Chief at DAGERS, and I’ve halted my mission to save the world to tell you how DAGERS empowers disabled gamers to save the world too. At DAGERS, we evaluate games based on their physical accessibility so that gamers with disabilities don’t waste a bunch of their hard-earned money on inaccessible games. We provide up-to-the-minute accessibility reviews, previews, and editorials on the industry’s hottest titles, all written and edited by disabled gamers. We give our readers tools to evaluate a game’s accessibility before they buy.

Now we also focus on being prompt. I mean, who has time to wait when there’s a wave of cat ninjas descending on Washington? Use your noodles, people! We review games as soon as they hit the shelves, so our readers can get to saving the world without delay.

But does saving the virtual world matter? You bet it does! Video games provide escape from painful and discouraging disabilities that affect millions of people worldwide. Instead of focusing on life in a wheelchair, players can focus on ridding the world of an alien menace. Video games also provide an opportunity for disabled gamers to interact with their peers without being defined by their disabilities. Because in a world where everyone looks like me …


… nobody cares if in the real world you actually look like me. I’m Josh Straub, Editor-in-Chief at DAGERS. Now, let’s go save the world.


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