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Well, I’ve been running this website for about nine months now, and I’ve learned one thing: It’s hard to do a good job writing on game accessibility when you’re the only editor. So, I’m trying to raise money to start being able to pay people to freelance on the website. To that end, I have entered DAGERS into the Intuit “Love Our Local Business” contest.


Here is my wish:




Have you ever bought something only to find out you can’t use it? Disabled people have limited entertainment choices. Video games offer an enjoyable escape, but it’s a gamble to buy a game when you don’t know if you can play it. At, I rate the physical accessibility of games so that these gamers don’t waste money. Every week I write about my experiences with the most popular titles. It’s hard work. $5,000 would help pay freelance writers to increase the site’s content and help generate sponsors. DAGERS’s goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy video games. Help DAGERS grow!


I ask my readers to help by voting for this wish on the official website, and by telling their friends to vote. If you like the content that I offer, help by telling the folks over at this contest that you want DAGERS to win.


Thanks for your support,
Josh Straub, Editor DAGERS



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