This weekend will see thousands of aspiring game designers participate in Global Game Jam 2013, a competition where individual programmers try to design a game around a particular theme within a given time limit. This year’s participants will have a separate option—all of the contestants from sixty countries from around the world will be encouraged to design a highly accessible game.


In addition, several venues hosting the event in the UK and Australia are offering full-blown competitions in the area of game accessibility design. Winners will be chosen from each venue, with one international winner selected over all.This current focus of game accessibility comes after the sucess of last year’s smaller accessibility challenge, According to accessibility consultant Ian Hamilton, last year’s emphasis disproved the misconception that including game accessibility components was costly and difficult. It will be exciting to see what games come out of this year’s Global Game Jam. No matter what takes place, this focus is a huge leap forward for game accessibility.




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