This week’s Mobile Spotlight highlights an Android exclusive that’s older but still deserves a look because of its unusually high level of accessibility for gamers with all types of physical disabilities. It’s one of my personal favorite mobile games of all time, and anyone who has an Android device should give it a look.


Gears & Guts

This game from Glu Mobile has one goal: get in your car and mow down as many zombies as you can. Players control the car either by tilting their device back and forth or by pressing buttons on the screen. This flexibility of control scheme means that Gears & Guts is one of the more accessible games for fine motor disabilities. Combine that with its extremely forgiving nature and the game scores even better for fine motor accessibility. Beyond that, the incredible amount of car customization allows the player to upgrade and trick out various death-mobiles with everything from chainsaws and barbed wire to missile launchers. The best part about this customizability is that the guns and other projectile weapons fire automatically. All players have to worry about is driving and sideswiping hordes of zombies with the weapons that protrude from the side of the car. From the standpoint of auditory accessibility, nothing in this game is communicated by sound, since the soundtrack only consists of rock music and the gooey death noises the zombies make as the player’s car hits them. This means that Gears & Guts can be played without the ability to hear and players can still enjoy it. Also, given the fact that this game can be played on a phone or tablet means that players who don’t own a smartphone still have a platform on which they can enjoy the game. The game is visually just as accessible. It features a cartoony, 16-bit art style that overstates everything important. Beyond that, even though some enemies and in-level pickups are color coded if they are the objective of each mission, because there is a large arrow pointing the player towards the objective an inability to see color will hardly affect this game. On the whole, Gears & Guts represents an incredibly fun game that is accessible for players with all types of physical disabilities.


Developer: Glu Mobile
Platform: Android
Price: Free 

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