We have found a game for this week’s Mobile Spotlight that is so ridiculous and fun that it is sure to entertain even the most cynical gamer.



Readers may not realize that this is, in fact, Shaquille O’Neal’s second foray into the world of video games. But the only thing this mobile title has in common with the classic ShaqFu is the tendency to stick retired NBA superstars into ridiculous situations. In ShaqDown, players play as Shaq himself, as he claws his way through hordes of mutant zombies using brute strength, free throws, and powerful combos to deal with the three types of enemies found in the game. In ShaqDown, Shaq is constantly running. All players have to do is steer him and use his power-ups. As a result, this game only requires the use of one finger to tap and slide up and down on the touch screen. Its whimsical art style also ensures that all visual elements are clearly portrayed. And the inclusion of a voiceover narrator means that most of the time players won’t have to be able to read the subtitles, even though these are not particularly hard to read in the first place. Finally, as usual with mobile games, ShaqDown does not require sound to communicate anything, ensuring that players with hearing disabilities will also be able to enjoy this quirky romp through a zombie-filled wasteland.


Publisher: One Spear Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $0.99 

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