Whether you are looking for a puzzle game the whole family can enjoy or a terrifying sprint through a zombie filled world, this week’s mobile spotlight has something for you.


Jewels Dash

Jewels Dash gives players classic puzzle action in an extremely polished package at a great price—free! The object in Jewels Dash is to clear as many groups of three or more of the same gem from the screen before time runs out. Players will need to show forethought in order to combine smaller groups of gems into bigger groups before breaking them to score huge amounts of points. Even though the gems are color coded, their distinct shape means that even players with visual disabilities will be able to enjoy this mobile game. Combine Jewels Dash’s simple control scheme with its straightforward concept, and you have a game that is definitely worth a look, no matter what your disability.


Publisher: Ezjoy
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free



2012 12 07 Feature Mobile Spotlight IntotheDead 500

Into the Dead

Have you ever been afraid of walking alone in the woods and finding yourself in a mad dash through a zombie horde? Well then why not practice for that eventuality with Prodigy Design’s Into the Dead. The game’s premise is simple: RUN! The running is automatic, and all the player has to do is steer clear of the increasing number of zombies as he barrels headlong through the apocalypse. But what really is unique about this game is that it features four different controller schemes. The player can either tilt the device to make the character run left or right, they can play the game solely with a full-screen touch interface, or the game provides a layout that uses part of the screen as a joystick (either on the left or the right side of the device). This kind of consideration in a mobile game in unheard of and is why anybody who is looking for a terrifying experience on the iPad or iPhone should give this game a look.


Publisher: Prodigy Design
Platform: iOS
Price: Free 

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