Dear Readers,

It’s been a whirlwind summer for DAGERSystem, and I’m excited to say that the technical parts of the Accessible Games Database are complete, and we know that when it launches it will become the premiere source of consumer protection in the area of accessibility in video games.

Throughout the summer, we have refined both the data gathering tool that game developers and DAGERSystem content creators use to collect accessibility data, as well as the interface that you, the readers, will see when you search for games in the AGD. Our final hurdle to clear is making sure we launch with enough data to make the AGD both useful and valuable.

To that end, we are extending our deadline and are now looking forward to an Oct. 1 launch. It is our hope that with this change in schedule, we’ll be able to launch with hundreds of games fully categorized by accessibility features.

We appreciate your patience, and we promise great things are just over the horizon.


Josh Straub

President – DAGERSystem

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