Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe but this August will mark the 10-year anniversary of the creation and founding of DAGERSystem. It has been a fantastic experience both writing in the field of game-accessibility journalism and helping others find their voice and develop their professional talents.

In 2018, we turned my website DAGERS into DAGERSystem, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the goals of educating, empowering, and employing disabled gamers in the field of game accessibility. Today I am thrilled to announce that we have taken a huge step toward reaching those goals. DAGERSystem has agreed to purchase and maintain as a wing of our employment and journalism initiative. Yes, that’s right! DAGERSystem and Can I Play That? are coming together to become the largest resource for game-accessibility journalism in the world.

Can I Play That? will continue to exist as a distinct entity under the leadership of the DAGERSystem board of directors and a partnership with accessibility visionaries Ben Bayliss and Marijn (ActiveB1t) to operate Can I Play That? as the employment and education arm of DAGERSystem. Starting next month, DAGERSystem will begin financially supporting Can I Play That? so they can continue to put out the high-quality and timely content that has made them an institution in the game-accessibility space.

In the coming months, we will begin migrating content creators and articles to Can I Play That?, eventually merging the two journalism sites into a single, well-rounded resource for disabled gamers and their support systems. Once this is complete, we plan on reorienting the DAGERSystem URL to an online hub that redirects people to our various initiatives such as the Accessible Games Database, Can I Play That?, and other exciting programs that we have yet to unveil.

We believe that this acquisition will not only benefit Can I Play That? by allowing it to maintain its status within the community and its reputation for excellence, but it will also help DAGERSystem. We will have the benefit of Can I Play That?’s broad readership and well-respected brand within the game accessibility movement, while we raise funds to support the Accessible Games Database and work every day to make gaming more accessible for players with disabilities.

Not only does this development help the two organizations involved, but primarily it helps our readers. As a result of this acquisition, you can look forward to more regular updates on both Can I Play That? and, and eventually, the two sites becoming one site with daily news updates and features on issues facing disabled gamers. Today is a day to celebrate. Two of the leading voices within the game-accessibility movement are coming together under the leadership of DAGERSystem, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

On behalf of the DAGERSystem board, the DAGERSystem editorial team, and the staff of Can I Play That?, thank you!

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