Sourena Game Studio is releasing Legends of Persia on the PC in January 2014. The action RPG adventure game is inspired by the Diablo franchise with battles, loot, character progression, and a narrative arc tying the components together.

 The story follows Keykhosro, the son of the Persian prince Siavosh, who seeks revenge for his father’s death. Keykhosro pursues Afrasiab, the king of Tooran, for spilling his father’s blood but the journey for vengeance requires overcoming enemy hordes and complex bosses until Keykhosro finally faces Afrasiab directly.


Legends of Persia includes more than eight hours of a single player campaign that takes place across five locations with more than 200 weapons and items at the player’s disposal. Additionally, three hero characters are fully customizable, utilizing over 18 types of magic and combating more than 30 unique enemy types. Sourena Game Studio is committed to supporting the modding community for Legends of Persia gaming community, and will provide ongoing free updates and multiple expansions following the game’s release.

Legends of Persia’s official trailer can be viewed here, and its gameplay trailer here.

Accessibility Angle:

The isometric top down gameplay shown thus far is certainly inspired by the Diablo franchise, and the emphasis on character customization with extensive loot drops suggests a game that gives disabled gamers multiple gameplay options. Customizing gameplay to suit disability related needs is often an accessible feature of PC RPG/action games. Additionally, the game’s trailers includes no speech or verbal dialogue, thus not requiring subtitles in order for deaf and hard of hearing gamers to understand the trailer.

Disabled gamers interested in following Legends of Persia can follow the game on Steam Greenlight here and vote for the game for indie game of the year here.


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