May 15, 2014 was Global Accessibility Awareness Day. In support, Infinity Ward highlighted two of the accessibility features in Call of Duty: Ghosts with screen shots on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #GAAD.


In the tweets Infinity Ward stated, “We’re happy to help make accessibility possible in games” alongside a screenshot of the Colorblind Filer available under Options. A second tweet showcased the NOM4D controller layout and Infinity Ward commented, “We add and improve accessibility for every game.”

The NOM4D controller layout was created by Randy Fitzgerald, a disabled gamer known by his gamertag NOM4D. The controller layout toggles aim rather than requiring continuously holding the trigger for aiming. NOM4D manipulates the controller with his face due to his disability and the toggle option for aiming made the twitch based Call of Duty series more accessible.

See the original tweets here.

Accessibility Angle:

Video game accessibility is not often seen in mainstream gaming media. Articles about disability in gaming typically center on an individual disabled gamer or a particular disability related video game company.

As disabled gamers we want to know about the accessibility features available in-game, preferably before we purchase a game. Infinity Ward’s highlighting of the in-game accessible features is indicative of a willingness to continue adding to video game accessibility within the Call of Duty franchise into the next console generation.


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