Grail to the Thief, an audio game for the blind and visually impaired by For All To Play, reached its Kickstarter minimum of $8,000 with a total of $10,021 raised by 248 backers. 

Grail to the Thief was created due to the dearth of blind accessible games. The audio adventure game features voice acting instead of the synthesized voice of screen readers. Additionally, the game features a voiced menu with options that are selectable by typing a number rather than scrolling through menus. While the game is designed for the blind and visually impaired, the dialogue is also provided in easily readable text for all players who prefer or require the text.

The majority of backers funded Grail to the Thief at the $5 level for a DRM-free digital copy of the game and acknowledgement of the support on the Kickstarter Thank You page. Two backers funded the game with $500 that most notably includes a minor in-game character and a physical print or Braille copy of the game’s script.

Grail to the Thief is a comedic audio adventure following Hank Krang, a thief, who uses a sentient time machine, aka the Time Excursion Digital Interface (TEDI), for time travelling in order to steal priceless artifacts. In Grail to the Thief Hank and TEDI arrive in the age of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in pursuit of the Holy Grail.

By raising $10,000 Grail to the Thief unlocked its first stretch goal of mobile versions for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8, and Windows RT devices. The base game is for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Grail to the Thief is estimated to ship in August 2014. For more information such as ongoing updates while the game is in development, visit Grail to the Thief’s Kickstarter page here.


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