Ubisoft announced the preorder goodies for the Limited Edition and the Kyrat Edition for Far Cry 4


Far Cry 4 releases on November 18, 2014 on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Preorders for Far Cry 4 garner an automatic upgrade to the Limited Edition which includes three additional single-player missions. In Hurk’s Redemption players rescue Hurk, a face familiar from Far Cry 3’s DLC, and receive The Impaler, an in-game harpoon gun.

The Kyrat Edition bundles the Limited Edition’s in-game extras with physical swag. For $129.99 players can immerse themselves into Kyrat with a statue of Pagan Min (that game’s antagonist), a travel journal, a propaganda poster, a map of Kyrat, and a collector’s box.

Additionally, a Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 exclusive for Playstation Plus members is Keys to Kyrat. The app allows players to invite Playstation Network friends who don’t own Far Cry 4 into the game’s co-op. The Guns for Hire co-op mode is a drop-in/drop-out experience that segues the player out of the single player content and into the co-op mode where two players can explore and liberate Kyrat.

Accessibility Angle:

Keys to Kyrat is an innovative feature that particularly provides video game accessibility for disabled gamers. AAA releases aren’t guaranteed to include a free demo where disabled gamers can experience a game’s accessibility firsthand before purchase. Playing with a friend who owns the game gives disabled gamers the opportunity to fully explore the game and to determine whether its accessible for their individual disability related needs in order to make an informed purchase.

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