Ubisoft has announced and dated the next entry in the wildly popular Far Cry series. Set in a wild region of the Himalaya’s, Far Cry 4 allows players an immersive first person action shooter experience against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain environment. 

Although little is known about the story or the main character at this point, we are told that the story of Far Cry 4 is similar to that of Far Cry 3with players fighting against the despotic rule of a self-appointed king of Kyrat. Beyond this, all that is known about the game are the pre-order details.


Players can pre-order the game on all major systems, and if they do they will receive a complimentary upgrade to the limited-edition of Far Cry 4 which features the mini-campaign, Hurk’s Redemption, featuring fan favorite characters from Far Cry 3, as well as additional equipment and weapons that can be used in the game. Far Cry 4 has been set to release on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

Accessibility Angle:

Open world games always provide unique challenges and boons for disabled gamers. Historically, DAGERS has found the Far Cry series to be a fairly accessible open-world franchise, and with the game already touting an impressive array of weapons and vehicles, and the ability to “write your own story”, Far Cry 4 promises to be a game that accommodates multiple play-styles and player limitations.


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