DAGERS’ announces that throughout February 2014 we will highlight video game accessibility in Microsoft products.

With two console generations running concurrently, we will review the accessibility of the Xbox 360 and look to the future with the Xbox One. Each week we will review an Xbox One exclusive game culminating in a hardware review of the system. Additionally, features on accessibility by Microsoft will underscore various accessibility features that benefit disabled gamers.

DAGERS recognizes that hardware and software cannot always be fully accessible for all disability related needs. The month of Xbox is showcasing a company that recognizes the need for disability accessibility in its products and continues a dialogue with the disability community about what features are needed while implementing accessible features when possible.

As a community of disabled gamers with varied needs we can come together to discuss accessibility within Microsoft.  We will show our support for Microsoft’s past accessibility and as a group discuss what we need to see in the future. Check back here throughout February 2014 and make sure to leave your feedback about your experience with video game accessibility and the Xbox brand.


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