Wondering what DualSense Controller you should buy for the PlayStation 5? Good news! Sony just released three new color variations to add to their collection. What does this mean for players with low vision and colorblindness who may be buying a PS5 as their first console? Well, our founder, Josh Straub, voiced his concerns about the original white controllers having low-contrast symbol buttons just last year. Thankfully, some of the new color schemes may help alleviate these problems.

Some colorblind players may still have trouble differentiating the symbol buttons on the Nova Pink and Starlight Blue controllers. On the aforementioned controllers, the symbol buttons are too faded, especially for those with Protanopia (Red-Blind) and Tritanopia (Blue-Blind) respectively. However, the Galactic Purple strikes a really nice balance between dark and light colors. Your mileage may vary, but we definitely recommend this color for the easy-to-recognize symbols.

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