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Gaming on a tablet has become increasingly popular in recent years. As technology advances, manufacturers are able to include better components in smaller devices, which has given rise to a breed of tablet that is both a tool for the office and an incredible gaming platform. It has similar accessibility issues as the smartphone, but deserves to be given its own review since it has several benefits that smartphones do not.


However, its greatest strength is the variety of games that are available at incredibly cheap prices. This variety means that players will be able to try lots of different games for a relatively small price. What’s more, because these devices tend to have higher quality components than smartphones, tablet games often feature graphics and sound that are almost equal to modern consoles.


Again, we see with tablets that players with hearing disabilities should have very little problem accessing the system, since, like smartphones, almost all tablet operating systems use sound only as an add-on, and most games do not require the ability to hear in order to play proficiently.


Players with sight disabilities will be happy to know that the increased size of the tablet eliminates some of the problems that those players might have with most smartphone games. A larger screen means that the text in most games is bigger, making it easier to read. And it is also easier to see finer details because of the tablet’s size. Similarly, many tablet operating systems have more features, such as adjustable contrast and screen exposure (gamma). The addition of these extra features means that players with sight disabilities will be able to enjoy on tablets some of the highly popular games that have been transferred from the smartphone platform, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, in addition to completely unique games that were built exclusively for tablets.


Players with fine motor disabilities who have had little success with smartphones should definitely attempt gaming on a tablet. Because of its increased size, less precision is needed when playing a game on a tablet. And since these devices also benefit from an expansive library of low cost games, it will be easy and affordable for players with fine motor disabilities to find a fun game that their hands can manage.

Tablets should definitely be considered when looking for a device to game on—not only because they have lots of games at a low price, but also because they are very accessible, especially when compared to smartphones.

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