CronusMAX, a video game controller accessory, is updated to now provide Xbox One and Playstation 4 support for players looking to use their preferred controller with their new console. 

CronusMAX is a USB dongle that houses the necessary software for consoles to accept input via the player’s preferred controller rather than the controllers prepackaged with the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. For pre-existing customers, the updated software bringing compatibility to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 is a free download.


As reported by Game Informer here, Team Xecuter created the CronusMAX in order to allow gamers with extensively modded Xbox 360 controllers or who preferred a keyboard and mouse controller the ability to use their favored controller with their next generation console.


On the Xbox One, players can game using the CronusMAX in conjunction with an Xbox 360 controller, a keyboard and mouse, or the Wii U Pro controller, as well as Playstation’s DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers. To check out the CronusMAX in action, check out the demo here.  Additionally, Team Xecutor announced that the Playstation 4 is now supported on the CronusMAX with the following wired controllersDualShock 3, the Xbox 360 controller, as well as the keyboard and mouse. Team Xecuter’s next goal is to provide Playstation 4 support for wireless controllers. For updates on CronusMAX’s capabilities, check Team Xecuter’s website here.

Accessibility Angle:

Disabled gamers expected a delay in accessible features for the next generation video game consoles. Most accessible features for controllers require third party products that can only be developed after the release of the new consoles. CronusMAX is billed as the world’s first controller add on for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. The device is an accessory, not a mod, thus allowing the USB dongle to mimic the Xbox One controller with software that does not require a download onto the console in order to allow the player to use their controller of choice. As an accessory, use of the CronusMAX does not void the console’s warranty.

With the CronusMAX, disabled gamers with fine motor disabilities who require the use of a specific controller that meets their disability related needs now have access to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One that previously only supported the console specific controllers. The new consoles’ controllers have little to no third party support for adaptive technology, but now disabled gamers can use their needed controllereven a keyboard and mouseon the new consoles. This is particularly accessible to disabled gamers who own heavily modded controllers, because the devices are expensive and were previously useless for disabled gamers who upgraded their consoles.

The CronusMAX is on sale for $59.95, and disabled gamers interested in the product can check out the CronusMAX website here.


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