We offer three consulting packages. Each package provides your game with dedicated playtime, and a comprehensive report with specific actionable details designed to make it easy for your team to ensure accessibility in your games.


Design Consultation

About to begin a new project?

This package will help you understand the common accessibility issues that may occur during development of your game, and will help streamline your efforts towards accessibility as you move into the development phase.


 Quality Assurance Consultation

About to release a new game?

Our Quality Assurance Package will provide actionable intelligence from real world testing scenarios that include how to give your game needed accessibility features, ensuring the broadest possible market share.


Comprehensive Consultation

If you’re looking to ensure the highest level of accessibility throughout your games development process, this is the package for you.

Use our Comprehensive Consultation service to provide design and development input and ensures that the final finished game is as accessible as possible. From the projects inception until it hits the shelves, D.A.G.E.R.S. is with you to ensure that your game is playable for millions of disabled consumers.


For more information about Consulting Services, contact Josh at dagersystem@gmail.com.


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