As they editor-in-chief at DAGERS, I am continually amazed by the impact and opportunities this site has given me since its inception in fall of 2012. I’m profoundly blessed to be able to do what I love and help my own community at the same time. As many of you may know, we just completed a comprehensive site rebuild thanks to the Arc Minnesota Micro-Grant program, and now we are looking for new volunteer editors. These are unpaid positions, but I will do my best to compensate you where I can with free games and hardware when available.

Available Positions:

News Editor
Responsibilities: Once a week post a news round-up article that highlights any major news stories that impact the field of game accessibility.

Mobile Editor
Responsibilities: Take over responsibility for our long dormant Mobile Spotlight series.

Community Resource Manager
Responsibilities:Take over responsibility for our weekly Speak-Up articles and keep an eye out for new online resources that DAGERS readers should be made aware of, highlighting youtubers, spotlighting assistive tech product reviews, etc.

All DAGERS editors have the opportunity to write feature length articles for any games that they have played or are currently playing, to include review copies received through DAGERS.

The ideal candidate has the following credentials:

A direct connection to physical disability, either the editor themselves must be disabled, or they must have an immediate family member who they are close with that is significantly physically disabled.

Is okay with having their content edited. I do understand that this is a volunteer position, but I also do my best to ensure that the content put out by DAGERS is of consistent quality.

Has experience writing for public consumption. This could be anything, such as writing for a school newspaper or running one’s on blog. A writing sample will be required to be considered for a position.

To Apply:

If this sounds like you, please send an email to, include your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line. ( Example: “Joshua Straub Mobile Editor“, if you aren’t applying for a specific position, just use “DAGERS Editor” as the position, ex. “Joshua Straub DAGERS Editor“) as the subject, and include a little bit about yourself, including how you are connected with physical disabilities and your writing experience. Also include an attachment or link to a writing sample that deals with the video game medium.



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