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Leading up to Destiny’s second expansion, the House of Wolves, Bungie continues weekly updates detailing Update 1.1.2 that will release before the House of Wolves’ launch. For disabled gamers, Update 1.1.2 will include a Colorblind Mode. 

Overall, Update 1.1.2 will address Vault Space, Raid Fixes, Audio and Visual, PVP Ammunition, and Strikes. A Colorblind Mode is an oft requested feature due to the Destiny’s heavy reliance on color to communicate both in the User Interface and in-game such as about item rarity or enemy shield type. The mode will provide three different options for Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia that increases contrast between the colors. Most noticeably in the screenshots that Bungie provided, the Colorblind Mode addresses differentiating item rarity in the UI, differentiating amongst the rarity of an in-game engram drop, the ammunition type of an in-game drop, the type of shield equipped on an enemy, and the readability of the mini-map on the in-game HUD. For all players, the size of the loot bauble will increase.


Additionally, the Audio and Visual changes include new Settings for adjusting in-game sounds and voice chat separately.

The most recent announcement details Raid Fixes for the worst bugs and re-balancing the most challenging Strikes. For example, the Strike that’s both completed the least and that takes the longest for players to finish, the Cerberus Vae III Strike will have the boss’s health and the shields of minions substantially reduced.

Further in the weekly update, Bungie recognizes that the recent Update 2.50 for the Playstation 4 included remapping for the DualShock 4 controller. While the feature is compatible with Destiny, the in-game prompts and tool-tips remain unchanged which requires players to remember their custom controller layout unassisted.


Accessibility Angle:


David Candland, the User Interface Design Lead, stated, “We took a lot of care to make sure our game shipped colorblind-friendly, but these settings will make things even easier for our colorblind friends.” Destiny’s original release did provide some alternatives to the color based information such as an item’s details available via text in the UI if the player scrolled over the individual item and the different sizes of the ammunition drops based on the ammunition type. But the upcoming Colorblind Mode is a welcomed option to provide full accessibility for colorblind players.


The Playstation 2.50 update included several new accessibility options and a major change is the full remapping of the controller. Certainly, the controller customization is not likely to transfer to in-game prompts but the availability of a custom control scheme in a AAA title such as Destiny is a major move forward for video game accessibility on the Playstation 4.


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