Pop Royale: Ready, Set, POP! By Trigger Happy Games was previously an iOS exclusive but is now available on Android in the Google Play app store.


Pop Royale: Ready, Set, POP!’s premise is the inside of a bag of popcorn while the popcorn pops in the microwave. The gameplay session is a brief round with the player trying again for a higher score. The gameplay is variations of the index finger swiping and pressing the touchscreen. Popcorn kernels fly up and swiping amongst many kernels links a simultaneous burst that awards extra points. Following the kernel popped into popcorn a quick finger press splashes the popcorn with butter for more points. Amidst the popcorn are burnt kernels. Hitting a burnt kernel is not a game over but does subtract points.

High scoring combinations results in coins floating throughout the popcorn and a quick touch grabs the coin which is used to spin for power-ups such as Fat Finger that widens the finger swipe area and Coin Gun which turns burnt kernels into coins as well as new game modes such as Frenzy which fills the screen with popcorn kernels. At the end of each round, the player must swipe their finger repeatedly across the popped bag of popcorn making the bag “shake” for bonus points.

The game is free to download and its in-game store allows for buying coins with real world money. Additionally, permanent upgrades are available for purchase such as a 20% time extension of each round and costs 0.99 cents.

Accessibility Angle:

For the deaf and hard of hearing, gameplay instructions are clearly provided in text. For the visually disabled, the cartoon-like art style helps with clarity amongst the onscreen objects for the deaf and hearing impaired as well as the. Difficulty may arise identifying a burnt versus a pop-able kernel due to the overall dependence of color differentiating the two types.

For fine motor disabilities, the gameplay requires swiping the index finger across the screen, pressing individual popped popcorn and coins as the objects rain down, and rapidly moving the index finger back and forth across the screen for the bonus points obtained by “shaking” the bag.

However, the game is free to download allowing disabled gamers the opportunity to experience the gameplay in relation to their disability related needs before spending any money.


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