XCOM 2 E3 2015 footage

Yesterday afternoon IGN got the first hands on demo with the newly unveiled sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which was DAGERS’ first ever Game of the Year. The extensive preview showed that this newest installment will likely be just as accessible as its’ predecessor. The turn based strategy is back, which is great news for fine-motor impaired gamers. In fact, almost everything about the mechanics of this game is identical to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The developer has improved on the accessible formula by adding features like a new concealment system that allows you to sneak up on unaware enemies and ambush them for incredibly high amounts of damage. The story of XCOM 2 is that of a world gone wrong. The aliens have successfully invaded, and have all but expunged the XCOM resistance. Your job is to command one of the last squads of troops as they do their best to kick the aliens off of our planet. Because of this reversal in story, the gameplay has been turned inside-out. In previous XCOM games, you were venturing into areas unaware of what threat may be around each corner. This time, the enemies are unaware, and you are the one whose about to spring a deadly trap. Everything seems to point towards an engaging and accessible game, and you can look for DAGERS review when the game releases in November of this year.


Source: IGN

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