Contribute Directly

Help us keep the lights on! Anything you can contribute goes directly to our mission of increasing access to games.

Sponsor an Event

DAGERSystem is always looking for partners in creating fun and engaging experiences for a variety of communities who believe in our vision of a more accessible games industry. One of the core tenants of DAGERSystem’s fundraising philosophy is to support the gaming community as a whole whenever we are able. As a result, we are seeking sponsorships for events including gaming marathons, table top game tournaments, and game jams. Don’t hesitate to reach out with other ideas!

Appoint a DAGERSystem Ambassador

DAGERSystem Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to partner with us in our accessibility efforts in a crucial way. Ambassadors function as the point of contact between DAGERSystem and the companies that will be supporting our efforts. In order for our vision to be fully realized, DAGERSystem will be primarily supported by companies within the gaming space that see our mission of educating, empowering, and employing disabled gamers as a worthwhile endeavor they would like to support. Ambassadors are the key to this approach. They will act as evangelists by making sure the correct decision makers in their organization are aware of our various accessibility initiatives as we roll them out.

Currently, we are seeking Ambassadors to assist us with:

  • General fundraising to defray the cost of running this website, ensure competitive compensation for our disabled freelance writers, and cover any incidentals inherent in running a nonprofit of this nature
  • Compiling the upcoming DAGERSystem database where users can search for games based on which accessibility features they support
  • Procuring next generation hardware to ensure DAGERSystem can continue to provide our services to our audience of disabled gamers and their support systems as the gaming industry grows

The ideal Ambassador is:

  • Passionate about game accessibility
  • Excited about the DAGERSystem mission 
  • Able to communicate DAGERSystem’s vision clearly to the people in their organization that make decisions regarding philanthropic endeavors
  • Willing to commit a maximum of 5 hours per month
  • Committed to portraying people with disabilities with the same level of dignity due any member of society


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