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The Open Beta for Battlefield Hardline is now live for all platforms until February 8, 2015. Battlefield Hardline releases on March 17, 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC. 

The Open Beta is free for all players with no mandatory pre-orders or codes. However, Xbox users must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, Playstation platforms require a Playstation Plus subscription, and on PC the beta is played via Origin.

The beta pits players as cops and criminals in three of the five game modes – Conquest, Heist, and Hotwire – with three maps available – Bank Job, Dust Bowl, and Downtown. Hotwire is based on the car chases as the criminals steal cars, Heist is centered on the criminals stealing from a bank vault, and Conquest is the classic team head to head battle. Additionally, Hacker Mode, which is evocative of Battlefield 4’s Commander, gives players the option for top/down direction by controlling security cameras, spotting enemies, and targeting prime attack or defend areas.

The beta’s main goals are to stress test the servers before the game’s launch as well as to garner player feedback. Feedback is particularly sought for weapon and vehicle balance, the in-game economy, and optimal gameplay performance for lower end PC’s.

The multiplayer progression system relies both on progressing players through the Ranks, with 150 total, and an in-game economy earned via multiplayer accomplishments, such as kills and team play, for purchasing new gear. Rather than locking up the buyable weapons or gadgets, three tiers of Service Stars track progression for unlocking vehicle modifications, weapon attachments, and class load outs at the Bronze level while Silver and Gold rewards are cosmetic. The most difficult rewards are Hardline Assignments that drop in-game Patches and a few weapon unlocks.

Accessibility Angle:

While modes and maps are restricted, Battlefield Hardline’s Open Beta has no progression limitations. Battlefield Hardline’s touted features includes both accessible gameplay – new gear is purchased without requiring unlocks first and gameplay unlocks are only associated with Bronze star accomplishments – to the inaccessible – specific tasks unlock modifications, attachments, and load outs. Disabled players can participate in the beta with no associated cost for hands-on experience prior to purchasing the game at its release. Keep an eye in this space for DAGERS’ take on Battlefield Hardline’s disability accessibility.


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