Have you ever heard of a 26-year-old game receiving an update to offer more accessibility options? Quake just did! To be clear, Bethesda rereleased Quake last August on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, which included the original game and an enhanced version with improved visuals. Now they’ve released a new update adding three new Horde Mode levels and an impressive number of accessibility options. For starters, the game’s UI now has more customization, including high-contrast mode for the interface and more legible font for those with visual impairments (this gives the option to change the in-game text to a more stylistic font than the original). This update also gives players with photosensitivity the option to turn off the intensity of certain flashes in the game. Even multiplayer gets an accessibility update, specifically voice chat. Players can now turn on “Read Chat Out Loud” or “Transcribe Voice Chat” which sets incoming chat to text or text chat that will automatically convert to a synthesized voice. It’s clear that Bethesda hit a milestone in gaming with this accessible update. Check out everything else Quake’s update has to offer in the article provided.

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