Last year we brought you news about the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (XAGs), an extensive list of practices to help designers make their games more accessible. Recently, Microsoft updated the XAGs after some additional feedback for more clarification and to give game developers a better understanding of the accessible methods suggested. The language of the guidelines has been reworked in layman’s terms, and clear goals are laid out for each accessibility option. One big piece of news to come out of this report is that game developers now have an option to send Microsoft their game to be analyzed through the recommendations in the XAGs! The idea being that an accessibility team would provide developers with relevant technical notes, inclusive design documentation, and more during the design process—a kind of XAGs stamp of approval if you would. Even better is that every test pass will include someone from the disabled gaming community, providing our essential perspectives as well. You can check out all the new updates for the XAGs in the link above.

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