State of Decay 2 Plague Territory Update

Undead Labs just rolled out a massive new update introducing Plague Territories, Landmark Outposts, Sidearm Weapons, and a host of accessibility options! Most of the accessibility centers on support for disabled gamers with visual impairments. Plague Hearts now reveal what type of rucksack you will receive if you hover your cursor over a Plague Heart icon on the map. Enclave icons will now appear when surveying specific sites. The aiming HUD now displays icons for special abilities like Grand Slam and Assault Kick. They’ve also added an option to toggle Aim Mode instead of requiring players to hold the button down. This can be accessed from the accessibility tab in the options menu. You can check out all of the great new features added to State of Decay 2 in the link above.

Teardown Accessibility Update

Teardown is in early access on Steam, but developer Tuxedo Labs have been steadily working on improving the game experience for everyone. In the newest update, they added a Campaign Mode and Sandbox Mode, which address accessibility and difficulty options. Campaign Mode lets players adjust individual aspects of the difficulty, including how much ammo you receive, how much damage is taken, and the ability to skip certain missions. Sandbox Mode gives players the option to unlock every level and even all the tools regardless of progression, which will certainly help disabled gamers with fine-motor impairments experience the game. Teardown’s developers intend to keep the game in early access throughout 2021, but they will continue to update the game in response to player feedback.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Chains of Domination Update

If you’re looking for more accessibility in World of Warcraft, Blizzard has you covered. Shadowlands: Chains of Domination just is an accessibility-centered update that expands on features in the accessibility menu. Colorblind mode can now be found here, and speech-to-text transcription is now available, which automatically transcribes voice chat channels. Text chat narration has more control options, including what sources are narrated, which voices are used, the speed of narration, and the volume. A high-contrast option has been added to quest text as well as improved legibility. Lastly, the update includes the option to control the intensity of light effects. For example, you can now alter the light that reflects off of water. World of Warcraft is nearly two decades old, but it’s great to see the developers continue to improve the game for all players!

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