State of Decay 2 Bundle Up Pack

Just in time for the holidays, the creators at Undead Labs just released their “Bundle Up” pack for State of Decay 2! This update unlocks Christmas sweaters available now for your survivors as well as new Broker missions with winter-themed rewards like the Antler Knife and Wood Stove facility mods. They’ve also fixed a few bugs and tweaked a few things when it comes to accessibility. The developers specifically made some adjustments to the UI readability, which will certainly benefit disabled gamers with low vision. It’s great to see Undead Labs continue to bring new content to State of Decay 2 well after the game’s release, and it’s even better to see changes for added accessibility.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

 Immortals Fenyx Rising is a new Greek mythology adventure game that wants to be accessible to everyone. The game brings with it over 20 different accessibility features, according to the Ubisoft website. Some of the accessibility options include: 3 different colorblind modes, an auto-move feature (which gives you the option to make your character automatically move in the direction you’re facing, on foot or on horseback), and customizable subtitle sizes. Most interesting is the game’s aim assist. Turning it on will not only lock on to enemies, but it will also lock on to targets during puzzle sections. This is extremely helpful for disabled gamers with fine-motor impairments because we not only need help with combat controls but also for fast-moving puzzles. You can check out every one of the accessibility options that Immortals Fenyx Rising has to offer in the link provided above.

Back 4 Blood Alpha Build

 The makers of Left 4 Dead are back, and they’ve decided to unveil their newest project, titled Back 4 Blood, in a closed alpha build. This spiritual successor to the successful 4 player co-op first-person shooter hopes to expand on the accessibility in the previous franchise. Back 4 Blood has some common features like customizable button commands, but it also has advanced subtitle options that are rarer. The dialogue specifies character names so you know who is talking, and the ambient captions detail enemy behavior, like knowing when a specific enemy is calm or attacking. I’m most excited for the ‘auto recenter recoil’ feature. This support for firing and centering your weapon will be a big help for those with fine-motor impairments. Many of the game’s features are subject to change because it’s still early in development, but I’m excited to see the finished product of Back 4 Blood when it’s released in June 2021!

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