Shoot 1UP DX

The developers over at Mommy’s Best Games have decided to port one of their decade-old classic shoot ’em up games, Shoot 1UP DX, previously an Xbox 360 title, to the Nintendo Switch. They’re also bringing a host of accessibility options with this release. The game has multiple ways to customize your experience from speed control, remappable controls, and options to change individual sound levels. HUD height can be scaled up or down, and there is an auto-shoot function you can toggle in the options menu. The choice to include one-button/one-switch mode will surely benefit disabled gamers with fine-motorl impairments. This lets you play the whole game with just one button or switch control (adaptive devices). If you’re looking for a great shoot ’em up game with accessible options, look no further than Shoot 1UP DX!


Speaking of accessible shoot ’em up games I’ve got another to add to the list! B.ARK (Bio-Interstellar Ark) is a game with cute anthropomorphic animal pilots and helpful options for disabled gamers. B.ARK’s developers say they want to make the game accessible for everyone. The developers tweaked easy mode so players who just want to experience the game without timed missions can play without worry. This mode also lowers the collision impact damage, eliminating instant death scenarios for the player. The team is interested in adding more accessibility options like color coding before the game’s release. Also, they’re being cautious about strobing effects that could affect players with epilepsy during gameplay. Look forward to the full release later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft seems to be increasing focus on their Xbox Game Pass leading up to their new console release in the coming weeks. Recently, they’ve been making more Xbox games available on mobile devices with touch controls. Game Pass Ultimate members now have ten new games they can play with touch controls, including Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Dead Cells, and Tell Me Why. It isn’t just about bringing the games to mobile devices though because all these games can now be played without a controller. Other accessibility options are included as well, like the ability to move the touch controls around to better suit your play style. Microsoft also insists each design team worked on their own respective games when it came to these updated controls. So the interfaces and button layouts were tested so that the modified controls fit the action of each game. You can check out the full list of new Xbox games with touch controls in the linked article.

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