Sequence Storm Blind Accessibility

Sequence Storm is a rhythm-based game seemingly made for blind gamers! Well, at the very least it’s designed with blind and low-vision gamers in mind. The player character is Elijah Gale, an engineer who starts a new career helping corporations in the digital space. Starting up the game automatically treats players to a narrator describing what’s on screen, which can be turned off in the options menu. It’s so great to see features like this on by default, and it doesn’t just stop there. Sequence Storm has a designated “Blind Accessible” mode that replaces visual cues with audio cues, changing the gameplay to repeating audible note patterns. Fine-motor impaired gamers also have options like “Auto Steering” and the ability to toggle repeated button presses. I’ve never played a rhythm game with this many accessibility options. Sequence Storm is definitely worth a try, and it’s currently free to play on Steam.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.1.1 Update

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla already has some great accessibility options like the “Guaranteed Assassination” feature, but recently Ubisoft released an update adding even more. Although the update was mainly for addressing performance issues like display errors and NPC animations, it also brought some changes to gameplay mechanics. The talk-to-text function is not only accessible in the options menu but is now available when reading letters in game. The update also provides colorblind players with new previews that accompany the subtitle options and gives them more of an example of the options they choose. You can check out all the new features in the 1.1.1 Update provided in the link above.

Moving Out: Moving In Mode

From the people that brought you Overcooked! is a fun co-op game called Moving Out on the Nintendo Switch. It has players helping families move furniture out of their house as fast as quickly as possible. A new update was announced this month, and it plans to bring new game modes and accessibility features. “Moving In” will now include an option to help families move into their house instead. Also included is an “Auto Snap” feature which will assist the player by locking furniture into place. There will even be a separate “Assist Mode” that further reduces game difficulty. You can add extra time to the time limit of each level, make objects lighter, or remove obstacles entirely. Moving Out turns the idea of moving day into a nice accessible experience for disabled gamers. Expect to see the “Moving In” update released sometime in the next few weeks.

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