Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn

Rainbow Six Siege has been going strong online for five years now, and Ubisoft wants to bring fresh new content to the game with their newest expansion. Operation Neon Dawn includes one new operator, new gadgets, and some great accessibility options for gamers with hearing impairments. The in-game chat channel now has voice-to-text and text-to-voice options. Also, there’s new chat assistance like “Hints” and “Narration” which have been added to the options menu. Players can customize audio/visual cues in this latest expansion, and increasing or decreasing the font size in the chat is now possible. Operation Neon Dawn fixes several bugs and adds more fun to the online shooter experience, but it also makes the game more accessible to disabled gamers.

Facebook VR Guidelines

VR games are nearly inaccessible to a lot of disabled gamers simply because they often require an advanced range of motion to play. Facebook seeks to change that, at least for their products, with this new release of recommended guidelines for VR game developers. They offer some common recommendations like customizable control options and minimizing fast button presses, but they also provide more advanced ways to accommodate disabled gamers. Interestingly, they suggest giving the player the option to choose their dominant/preferred hand for the motor impaired, and they say implementing haptic feedback and vibrations into the design will give gamers with hearing impairments better ways to interact with the interface. It’s awesome to see big names like Facebook put the pressure on developers for the betterment of all gamers. If you want to see the complete list of all the VR guidelines check out the article linked above.        

Minecraft Nether Update

For those looking for a reason to get back into Minecraft, do I have good news for you! Minecraft’s Nether Update adds a lot of big changes to the game as well as new accessibility options. The main focus of the update is introducing Netherite, a powerful new material for players to craft. However, the update also gives new rewards for certain items and adds accessibility options to the in-game chat. “Line Spacing” lets gamers with visual impairments customize the chat text and “Chat Delay” gives gamers with cognitive impairments more time to read the chat. Minecraft already had fairly accessible gameplay, but the Nether Update gives players more ways to customize their experience, and that is always a good idea.

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