PS5 Accessibility Features

The countdown has begun for the PlayStation 5 release next month! This week Sony detailed some new accessibility features that are going to ship with the console. Firstly, they are bringing over a host of accessibility options that were already on the PlayStation 4, like text to speech and customizable button commands. One new option coming to PlayStation 5 is a screen reader, which lets deaf players type out messages and then have them read aloud to other party members. Sony has also confirmed that the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense controller can be turned off completely if you prefer. Having the option to turn that off should give disabled gamers with fine-motor impairments more ways to customize their experience. Stay tuned with us as we cover more accessibility coming to the PlayStation 5 in the coming weeks.

Among Us Update

Among Us continues to take the world by storm with its simple gameplay and cute visuals. However, the developers at Innersloth hope to make the game more accessible for all gamers with their most recent update. For more anonymity in the game, they now let players vote without others knowing who they chose. On the accessibility side of things, you can customize the task bar and there’s now a colorblind option available for those with visual impairments. When turning this option on, the color-coded wire task section will now have marked shapes so that colorblind players can complete it without issues. Among Us’ team is focusing on improving the game even further by listening to player feedback.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

For a while the Switch lagged behind when it came to console accessibility, but Nintendo seeks to remedy that with its newest update for Super Mario 3D All-Stars. 1.1 Update includes the option for players to invert the camera on all three games in the collection. This includes customizing “Mario Cam” as well as the horizontal and vertical camera. Now disabled gamers with fine-motor impairments and visual impairments will have more ways to customize the gameplay. Although it was not packaged with the original release of the collection, it’s great to see Nintendo listen to fans and add more options for disabled gamers. Super Mario 3D All-Stars’s 1.1 update is expected to come out on November 16th.

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