Destruction AllStars Accessibility Settings

Sony’s newest vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars released exclusively on the PlayStation 5 this month to much fanfare! For its launch, PlayStation’s user research and accessibility lead took to Twitter to detail some accessibility options. Destruction AllStars lets players customize camera sensitivity as well as remap on-foot and vehicle controls. The game also has a designated accessibility tab in the options menu. This section has a large number of options for disabled gamers with visual impairments, including a colorblind mode, customizable HUD (friendly UI and enemy UI color schemes can be altered), and customizable subtitle colors and sizes. You can read about all the helpful accessibility options Destruction AllStars has to offer in the link above.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Update

The franchise that combined the Japanese tile-moving game Puyo Puyo and Tetris is back, and the developers want to bring more accessible content to the series. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was released on Nintendo Switch in December, but a new update recently added significant changes, including new accessibility options. The update adds four new playable characters (THE Sonic the Hedgehog was added in a previous update), six challenge modes, new background songs, and a colorblind mode. Saturation adjustments are included in this mode as well as a way to toggle the settings on or off as needed. This newest update is just one of many Sega has planned to release in the coming months.

Sequence Storm: Olokun Dive Expansion

The creator of the surprisingly accessible rhythm game Sequence Storm recently unveiled plans for a new expansion pack and the Indiegogo project that will hopefully make it happen. The Olokun Dive Expansion will include new characters, tracks, and accessibility options. Sequence Storm already has great blind accessibility, and this expansion proposes mouse/pointer support for disabled gamers who can’t use a keyboard but can use a mouse. The list of goals for the project have not been finalized yet, but you can check out more details and pledge support if you’d like in the link provided. Here’s hoping the project is a success and this underrated indie game can become even accessible!

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