Dead By Daylight Colorblind Options

In spite of a recent controversy, Dead By Daylight developers plan on rolling out an update that addresses some accessibility issues. Colorblind players have been desperately seeking support for quite a while, and it looks like they’ll be getting help sooner rather than later. On Twitter, the developers shared some specifics about these new features, including three new options for colorblindness. The chosen filter will alter Scratch Marks, highlighted items on the map, and even the color of generators (which both teams use). I’m glad the developers are starting to understand that these kinds of options are a necessity for many disabled gamers. This Dead By Daylight update doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s planned for later this year.

Minecraft Eye Tracking

Looking for another way to play Minecraft? UK charity “Special Effect” teamed up with the EyeMine development studio to make software that allows people to play Minecraft with their eyes! The charity works with disabled gamers to help them play video games in any way they can. EyeMine lets gamers who can’t use their hands build, climb ladders, and use weapons with their eyes. There’s even something called “Dwell Control” which streamlines the building process so placing and removing blocks can be done much quicker. EyeMine is free to download for anyone to try out for themselves. For now, this software is only available on PC versions of Minecraft, but hopefully we will see more accessible technology like this make its way to other gaming platforms in the near future. 


ITTA is an action shooter about a girl, her dad’s revolver, and a magical cat. Published by Super Rare Games and developed by Glass Revolver, ITTA is a surprisingly accessible game released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Player damage can be multiplied in the options menu for extra firepower in those moments of tough combat, and the amount of damage taken by enemies can be reduced if need be. There’s even an Invincibility Mode to make players completely invulnerable to attacks. ITTA is a perfect game for disabled gamers who want challenging combat but also the option to customize their experience.

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