The Life Is Strange series has always been known for its powerful stories and memorable characters. First with the developers at Dontnod and then more recently with Deck Nine, these games have helped usher in the modern narrative adventure game genre. Along the way, the teams have also made it a point to involve the disabled gamer community in their design process to make their games more accessible each time. When it comes to the newest game in the franchise, Life Is Strange: True Colors, they didn’t disappoint!

You can completely change the controls for the game in the options menu and with the newest feature, “Skip Gameplay Prompt”, players can opt-out of fast-paced combat entirely. Have you always wanted more time between important narrative decisions? Well, True Colors extends the time with a Longer Choice Timer, available under the accessibility tab. The developers worked with visually impaired players to create a comprehensive colorblind mode that accommodates three different types of colorblindness and a filter slider you can customize to fit your personal preference. As for subtitles, True Colors has several resizing options as well as captions available for not just dialogue, but also background sound effects.

Life Is Strange: True Colors deserves this nomination just for the sheer number of accessibility options available in the game. The series has always had a focus on narrative, but with the accessible gameplay feature that stops players from having to do quick movements along with the subtitle options, disabled gamers should not have any problems playing this game. Life Is Strange: True Colors is definitely the most accessible game released in the franchise and I can’t wait to see the next game improve even more.

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