Usually, when we review first person shooters here at DAGERSystem, we have to look at the game in terms of what trade offs it makes in order to be accessible. Typically, FPS games can be either forgiving or flexible. Often, you have either an arcade shooter, which may not offer much of a challenge but gives a more tailored experience, or you have a more realistic military shooter that offers a better challenge but railroads the player in most of the important decisions.

This is why Borderlands 3 is so unique. Here we have an arcade-style shooter that is incredibly challenging but only in ways that are not aggravated by a disability. Its fun frantic gameplay is enhanced by its wide array of wacky weapons, ensuring that no matter what your playstyle is, there is almost definitely a gear loadout for you. Combine that with a forgiving respawn system that prevents the player from having to retread the same ground over and over again and visuals that don’t rely solely on either fine detail or color to communicate, and it’s no wonder that Borderlands 3 is not only a 2019 DAGERSystem Diamond Award Nominee but also a no-compromises first person shooter that anyone can enjoy regardless of ability.

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