Indie Spotlight – Claire: Extended Cut

Inspired by the classic Silent Hill series, Hailstorm Games brings you the 2-D survival horror game called Claire. It’s a game where you’ll mostly be solving puzzles and running away from enemies, rather than fighting. Our main character wakes up alone in a hospital after visiting her sickly mother. Now

Fighter Within Bringing The Beatdown To The Xbox One

Kinect based exclusive Fighter Within by Ubisoft, a launch title for the Xbox One on November 22, 2013, released a new trailer that you can view here. The game is touted as the first fighting game for the next hardware generation.   Fighter Within is not Ubisoft’s first foray into Kinect

DAGERS Hall of Fame

The DAGERS Hall of Fame is a running article that profiles prominent disabled characters in video games. Our goal is to create a complete database of these characters. In order to be inducted, characters must have an evident disability. Characters do not necessarily have to be protagonists, or even primary

Game Accessibility Guidelines Announced

Today marks an important step in the march toward total game accessibility. A group of game developers in Europe in conjunction with a group accessibility specialists have released a list of guidelines for developers to follow when making games accessible.  The list is broken up into three categories: Basic accessibility

D.A.G.E.R. System

The leading game journalism site for disabled gamers, featuring disability game reviews and perspectives on video game accessibliity..


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