• Disability Game Review: Resident Evil 7

Disability Game Review: Splatoon

Splatoon represents something unique within the Nintendo gaming landscape, it is the only first party shooter on the Wii U platform. Unfortunately there is a large portion of disabled gamers that will not be able to enjoy Splatoon, because of its many barriers.

Disability Game Review: Batman Arkham Knight


Batman Arkham Knight is the latest game from Rock Steady that promises to bring the quintessential superhero experience to new gen hardware. The game takes full advantage of the new technology, with beautifully realized graphics and a massively sprawling world that dwarfs any of the previous installments of the Batman games. However, from the standpoint of accessibility, certain gamers will be completely excluded from the experience.

E3 2015 Afterwards: Nintendo

Earlier today Nintendo did not hold a press conference at E3. Instead they hosted a digital event that was aimed at getting gamers hyped for Nintendo releases for the coming year. Here are a few of the juciest tidbits that actually impact game accessibility.

E3 2015 Afterwards: Square Enix

There was not much to cover from the Square Enix press conference. Not because it was sparse on content, but because the content that they showed did not communicate any vital information about accessibility. The three games that are possible to analyze, however all seemed to offer very flexible experiences that will probably be accessible to a large portion of disabled gamers.

E3 2015 Afterwards Sony

Sony wrapped up yesterday’s press conferences with an hour and a half long expo of the upcoming games for the PS4.  A good majority of this year’s press conference seemed devoted to the idea of giving fans exactly what they want. Sony went on to demonstrate the technical prowess of their games, but from the standpoint of accessibility, is there anything that disabled gamers with Sony hardware can look forward to it?

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