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2013 Holiday Accessibility Buying Guide

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2013 Holiday Accessibility Buying Guide
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2013 12 13 Christmas Tree Presents 500

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and if there’s a disabled gamer that you are buying for, we’ve compiled a list of some gift ideas that they’ll be able to enjoy in spite of their challenges. If you do want to buy any of these, consider purchasing through one of our links below.


Gifts $25 and Under

Looking for something little to make a certain disabled gamer smile? Let’s start off with some small stocking stuffers that most disabled gamers should be able to enjoy, no problem.


2013 12 13 The Last of Us Paperback
The Last of Us:
American Dream Trade Paperback
- from $10.40

Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic opus has been garnering praise from nearly everyone in the industry, not only for its gameplay but also for its incredibly deep and emotional story. The American Dream comic series was released in conjunction with the game. Although the individual comic books can be hard to find, they have been rereleased in a single volume which is even available in electronic format. The book offers a prequel story to one of the most surprisingly accessible games of the year.


The Last of Us, Original Sound Track - from $10.99 2013 12 13 The Last Of Us Soundtrack
For music lovers, why not try The Last of Us’s haunting sound track? Even though I don’t particularly care for music, I found myself listening to this album several times because the music does such a good job of informing the emotion of the story that it has become a vital part of The Last of Us experience.


2013 12 13 Pokemon X and Y  Plush PikachuPokémon X and Y Plush Toys - from $12.99
Pokémon X and Y continued the standard for accessible Pokémon games. It represents a game that anybody can play no matter their disability. For the trainer in your life, why not stuff their stocking with one of these adorable Pokémon X and Y starter plushies that represent the three starter Pokémon that players choose form at the beginning of the game? Or choose the classic Pikachu for fans of the Pokémon anime.


Bioshock Infinite - from $19.992013 12 13 Bioshock Infinite
The first game on our list is Bioshock Infinite. Although you can pick it up for a song, this doesn’t mean that this latest title from Irrational Games is anything less than stellar. The visuals are gorgeous and easy to see, and the gameplay is perhaps the most accessible first person shooter experience for fine motor disabled gamers to date. Read our review here.


2013 12 13 FSP Freek HavocKontrol Freek - FPS Freek Havoc - from $19.99
Looking for something a little more practical? Then try any of the Kontrol Freek stick extenders. While able bodied gamers use them to increase the sensitivity of their controllers, attaching stick extenders like the FPS Freek Havoc (pictures above) effectively gives gamers with fine motor disabilities more control over the joysticks on their controllers. Even better news, these are compatible with both generation seven and generation eight controllers.


Steam Gift Card - $202013 12 13 Steam Gift Card
Yesterday, I purchased the Dragon Age Origins bundle for the bargain price of $7.50. In essence, I got dozens of hours of gameplay for pennies on the dollar. This is why Steam gift cards are such a great idea. Valve’s game network allows players to download classic games and new games at bargain prices. On any given day of the week, Steam will have several sales going on, and there is sure to be something that fits even the finickiest gamer’s palate. Also, since PC tends to be the most accessible gaming system, if the gamer in your life uses the computer, this may be the best choice to ensure the games they buy are accessible.


2013 12 13 Nintendo Eshop 20Nintendo eShop Card - $20

For those retro gamers in your life, why not consider a Nintendo eShop card? Nintendo’s virtual consoles on the Wii U and 3DS offer many of the games that made Nintendo famous, such as the original Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Land, and Kirby. The good news is that these titles are all very cheap, so just one of these cards can buy quite the trip down memory lane.





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