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2012 12 17 Feature Semi Finals

Tis the season where the gaming community comes together and nominates those games which deserve special notice as the best games of the year. DAGERS has chosen to nominate eight games. In order to be nominated these games have satisfied two stringent criteria. First and foremost, they have to be good games. Accessibility means nothing if nobody wants to play a game in the first place. And secondly, true to DAGERS’s purpose, all eight of these games set high standards in the area of game accessibility.


2012 12 17 Feature Semi Finals DiabloIII Big 500

1. Diablo III

Even though this game came out before our website came online, it still deserves recognition. Diablo III’s simple control scheme means that any disabled player with a PC has a chance to log on and slay monsters with the best of them—even if they only have the use of one hand. And its extensive customization system means that players are able to use tools in the game to compensate for their disability, rather than having to rely on special adaptations to their PC. Beyond this, the overall polish that Blizzard gives this game means that it deserves notice as a very good game, in addition to its high level of accessibility.



2012 12 17 Feature Semi Finals Borderlands2 Big 500

2. Borderlands 2
The FPS genre is often plagued by barriers that prevent disabled gamers from enjoying them fully. But Borderlands 2 is a great example of how these barriers can be dealt with, without making the first person shooter genre any less enjoyable. Its four distinct classes and player customization mean that disabled players can build a character that helps compensate for their struggles when gaming. And the sheer number of quests means that even if a player is prevented from doing a particular mission, there will always be some other quest to complete in the wastelands of Pandora.



2012 12 17 Feature Semi Finals PokemonBW2 Big 500

3. Pokémon Black and White Version 2
This newest entry in the Pokémon series stays faithful to the elements that have made the franchise the most accessible on the planet: simple controls and a simple art style. The turn based style of the gameplay means that players won’t have to compensate for any physical disability. The gameplay is so simple that physical disabilities hardly affect it to begin with. And the art style means that even if a player has a visual or auditory disability, it is still very easy to tell what is going on at all times.



2012 12 17 Feature Semi Finals Dishonored Big 500

4. Dishonored
This new IP from Bethesda Softworks should be on every disabled gamer’s must play list. It features a story that will pull even the most jaded gamers in, with its wonderfully executed art direction and relatable cast of characters. But where this game really shines is in the sheer amount of choice it gives players. Everything from the path you take through the world, to the way in which you execute your contracts, and even the ultimate fate of the game’s villains is up to the player. Because of this amount of choice, Dishonored gives disabled players a chance to enjoy the game, no matter how their disability affects their gameplay.




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0 #2 Robert 2012-12-20 00:41
I'm just very happy to see a list like this. Not disabled myself, but there's no reason that, in such a customizable medium, they shouldn't be allowed the chance to experience just as much as I can.

I would recommend Heavy Rain for certain disable gamers as well, personally.
+1 #1 TheBlackOmen 2012-12-19 20:25
Not saying I disagree with your choice for borderlands 2 on this list.. but for colorblind people the loot system in borderlands is a major fault in terms of accessability.

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